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How To Get Started

How do I open a stock account using Corona Investment Management as advisor?

It's easy.

First, make an appointment with us by calling Corona at 1-480-926-6511 to decide which plan you want to use an whether it is for a regular investment account, an IRA or any other equity-type account.

After you decide on an investment strategy, Growth, Conservative or Aggressive, you will then need to either open an account or notify your brokerage of plans to use an investment advisor. You then get a form from the brokerage and name Corona Investment Management with "power of attorney" to execute trades on your behalf. A notice of each transaction and the status of the portfolio will be available to both you and us.

Every month, the brokerage firm sends you a financial report and we get one too. That way you can follow closely your financial progress. At the end of the year, a summary of your trades is sent by the brokerage to you for tax purposes. The fee paid to Corona Investment Management is tax deductible.

Growth and Conservative Plans

The management fee for using Corona Investment Management is 2% of net assets under management, paid at the beginning of the one-year period. The rate covers 12 months and is for the Growth and Conservative plans. As an example, if you put $100,000 under management with Corona , at the start of the 12-month period the fee would be $2,000. By the end of the 12 months, you make a 30% return on your investment giving you $128,000.

Funds can be added or withdrawn anytime. However, the funds invested in the account are subject to the management fee. It is a good idea to invest only that which you want to save. That way the "miracle of compounding" will build your investment account up tremendously as the years go by.

Aggressive Investment Plan

Corona Investment Management's aggressive investment plan has potential for some significant gains since we tend to take profits and rotate more. One would expect more trading activity and much more flexibility. We tend to take profits at certain points in a stock's progression and are more inclined to take action in regains to market conditions. For that reason, out management fee is 2.5% of net asset value every 12 months, plus a 10% incentive performance fee based on profits generated from the account.

Feel free to call us at Corona Investment Management if you have any questions, or email us. Our phone is 480-926-6511.